Development and Morphogenesis in Drosophila news

4 Oct 2010

What becomes of an embryonic cell that does not have a defined identity depends on its location. And to determine the location, the cell draws on the morphogen Hedgehog. The newspaper Correo Médico echoes the work of Andreu Casali, IRB Barcelona researcher in the Development and Morphogenesis in Drosophila Laboratory, that explains how the morphogen and the embryonic cell interact in the wing development of the fruit fly.

<p>Photograph of embryonic Drosophila cells showing cell nuclei (in blue) and microtubules (in green). They are all organised from the apical zone of the cells, which delimit the microtubules. (©Jordi Casanova Lab)</p>
31 May 2010

A group of researchers discover a mechanism based on two proteins that regulate the microtubule network formation in embryonic cells.

Microtubules are like internal cellular transport networks and are fundamental for processes such as the secretion of substances, and cell movement and morphology.

9 Feb 2010

An article on the study carried out by scientist Jordi Casanova has been published in El País online edition.

9 Feb 2010

An article by scientist Celestino Abad-Zapatero in the online edition of El Pais about the celebration in Barcelona of the 50th anniversary of the haemoglobin and myoglobin structure resolution. Prof. Michael Rossmann, who participated in that scientific adventure, took part in the commemorative symposia organized by IRB Barcelona and CSIC.