Gene Translation Laboratory news

30 Oct 2009

Researchers at IRB Barcelona describe a new mechanism that allows the segregation of nuclear and mitochondrial genetic codes in Trypanosoma.

27 Oct 2009

Barcelona City Council’s digital platform, “Barcelona Visió”, has drawn up a report to explain an IRB Barcelona European project to find more efficient drugs against malaria. The project is coordinated by Lluis Ribas de Pouplana, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona.

7 Jul 2008

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<p>Antibiotic by Omnia</p>
5 Mar 2008

The biotech company Omnia Molecular shared by IRB Barcelona, opens its new facilities in the Barcelona Science Park.

<p>Bacteria <i>M. Penetrans</i> has an extension in its enzime MetRS (in yellow) which makes it different from the rest of organisms. Stuying this enzime, the scientists discovered a new mechanism for genetic code translation</p>
14 Feb 2008

Researchers study the evolution of life by examining the translation of the genetic codes of several organisms, in order to discover differences between bacteria and humans that allow the design of new antibiotics