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<p>Modesto Orozco at IRB Barcelona</p>
3 May 2011

The agreements drawn up by IRB Barcelona with various I+D programmes aim to strengthen technology transfer in order to benefit society.

15 Apr 2011

IRB Barcelona and the BSC show their commitment to computational biology by renewing the Joint IRB-BSC Programme, which also doubles in the number of researchers involved.

The programme aims to position itself as an international leader in computational biology.

11 Nov 2010

The new data base, which includes 1,700 proteins in motion, allows a more efficient design of drugs.

MoDEL holds 30% of human therapeutic targets and the objective is to cover 80% in three years.

21 Sep 2010

The prediction of the structure and function of biological macromolecules (i.e., the machinery of life) is of foremost importance in the field of structural biology.

31 May 2010

The scientific journalist Pere Estupinyà has written an entertaining account in his blog in the newspaper El País “Science notes from MIT” about five researchers that he met during a visit he made to IRB Barcelona in May.

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<p>From left to right and up to down, DNA structure movements that permit to get an idea about the mechanism by which DNA starts to unfold. (© A. Pérez)</p>
20 May 2010

This is a key process to understand gene activity and DNA replication, and to design drugs to modulate them in the future.

<p>Pau Bernadó</p>
7 May 2010

Modesto Orozco receives the Bruker Prize and Pau Bernadó the I Prize for Young Investigators.

1 Apr 2008

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29 Jan 2008

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