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Manuel Serrano awarded the Severo Ochoa Prize for Biomedical Research

The Ferrer Research Foundation acknowledges the various perspectives of his research into cancer and aging.

Núria López-Bigas, elected EMBO Member

“It is a great honour and it strengthens my commitment to continuing my research with the highest standards,” says the IRB Barcelona group leader.

Eight IRB Barcelona group leaders are currently members of the European Molecular Biology Organization.

Salvador Aznar Benitah winner of the National Research Prize of the Fundación Caja Rural de Soria

The IRB Barcelona scientists is presented the prize in recognition of his research into cancer and fats.

Olga Torres Foundation awards IRB Barcelona a grant to study immunotherapies for metastatic colorectal cancer

The project, headed by group leader and ICREA researcher Eduard Batlle, receives a 60,000-€ grant.

The study will test the effectiveness of immunotherapies to treat metastatic disease in advanced colorectal cancer.

Research will take place during the academic years 2017 and 2018.