Results about: colon cancer

Award for research into colon cancer performed at IRB Barcelona

Eduard Batlle receives the “Premio Ciencias de la Salud” from the “Fundación Caja Rural de Granada”

Discovery of the genetic fingerprint of aggressive colon tumours

A study published in Nature Genetics by researchers at IRB Barcelona explains the basis for the classification of colon tumours in good or bad prognosis by analysing the tissue surrounding the tumour cells.

The scientists are currently developing a test that enables the identification of patients at risk of relapse after surgical removal of the tumour by measuring 4-6 genes expressed by the tumour microenvironment.

The researchers also propose to test in patients a particular drug that blocks the metastatic capacity of colorectal cancers in mice.

This drug has been tested using novel technology that allows the growth of mini colon cancers, also known as organoids, derived from patient samples.