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IRB Barcelona among the 12 research centres chosen to participate in the 2019 “Recerca en Directe” Fair

The Institute will be giving a workshop entitled “Deciphering the code of cancer”

Hundreds of visitors experience cutting-edge biomedicine at IRB Barcelona

Last Saturday IRB Barcelona held its Open Day and received around 400 visitors.

Public of all ages visited the labs, participated in workshops and attended talks at the centre, which is located at the Barcelona Science Park.

 Open Day 2017 in pictures on Flickr 

On Saturday IRB Barcelona is to open its doors to citizens interested in cutting-edge biomedicine

On May 13, IRB Barcelona will be holding its Open Day, from 10:00 to 15:00, and almost all the places have been reserved.

Audiences of all ages will visit the laboratories, participate in workshops, and attend informative talks at the Institute, which is located in the Barcelona Science Park.