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Ageing is exacerbated by alterations of stem cell circadian rhythm

Stem cell functions continue to be governed by day and night cycles (circadian rhythms) during ageing, but their rhythms become devoted to tissue repair and not to the maintenance of tissue tone.

The two studies published in Cell and headed by Salvador Aznar Benitah at IRB Barcelona reject the scientific dogma associating ageing with the loss of stem cell circadian rhythm.

A low-calorie diet delays alterations in the rhythmic functions of stem cells and slows down ageing.

Two proteins safeguard skin stem cells

Without these proteins, skin stem cells are lost.

The study headed by Salvador Aznar Benitah at IRB Barcelona has been published today in Cell Stem Cell.

Scientists disclose minute-by-minute details of the biological clock of skin stem cells

Researchers lead by Salvador Aznar Benitah describe in detail the cyclic activity of the genes in skin stem cells during the course of a day.

The correct balance of the biological clock of stem cells affects their function, and its disruption causes aging and can lead to predisposition to skin cancer.