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Greater use of the scientific method to enhance learning

The Montserrat School, IRB Barcelona, and the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera take stock of their 3-year joint project that has brought about a change in the teaching method at this primary school.

The Montserrat School in Cornellà opens the 'Joan Guinovart' laboratory in the framework of the Tandem Schools project

The new school lab has come about from the Escuelas Tándem (Tandem Schools) project, which is supported by IRB Barcelona and the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation.

The Montserrat School and IRB Barcelona have just brought the Tandem Schools Project to a close. This educational initiative has applied science as a core theme to enhance the innovative activities, academic results, prestige, and social cohesion of the school.

Run and financed by the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, the project is one of the first tandems between a primary school and a scientific institute.

Secondary school teachers and IRB Barcelona scientists are on to “the fly”

IRB Barcelona is to participate in the twelfth edition of the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation's Teachers and Science Programme.

Teachers will work alongside the scientists to develop resources that can be taken back to the classroom.

The fifth edition of the course for secondary school teachers starts at IRB Barcelona

The two-day workshop is part of the Teachers and Science programme, organised by the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation. This year’s programme will involve the participation of nine research centres from around Catalonia

The overall objective is to improve science teaching in order to increase scientific vocation among students

The IRB Barcelona workshop is dedicated to biomedical research with fruit flies

Secondary school teachers get up to date with cancer research at IRB Barcelona

Launch of the fourth edition of the IRB programme “Teachers and Science”, promoted by the “Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera”, with workshops developed especially for teachers.

On 7 and 8 November, 15 science teachers will be trained first-hand by 12 IRB researchers in cancer, metastasis and personalized medicine.

The objective of the workshops is to improve science education and boost passion for science among students.