Licensing Opportunities

BIOMEDTEC - A novel incubator platform for in-house early stage projects
This new projects supports Proof-of-Concept development for in-house early-stage projects covering different therapeutic areas.




GATE2BRAIN - A novel platform of blood-brain barrier shuttles
Gate2Brain technology consists of peptide shuttles able to carry therapeutic cargoes across the BBB which cannot otherwise cross unaided.




MAXPHOX - A novel cost saving catalysts for asymmetric hydrogenation
New series of ligands capable of increasing the enantiomeric excess of certain asymmetric hydrogenation reactions up to a 99%ee (enantiomeric excess), using both low H2 pressure and temperature.




BPFO - Stabilized Membrane Aβ Oligomer preparation
A new target structure for Alzheimer’s Disease and a method to reproduce this structure, in-vitro. This can then be used in a HTS screening for modulator molecules, which could represent a new therapy for AD.




CGI - Cancer Genome Interpreter
CGI is a powerfull bioinformatics tool combining extensive expert curation and computational analyses to assess both the biological and clinical significances of alterations in tumor genomes. It is of great advantage as support of the rationale design of genomic-driven oncologic therapies.



Drug combinations against breast cancer
Novel bioinformatics algorithm to analyse the synergistic effect of drug combinations in anti-cancer therapies. In-vivo validation in breast cancer models but can be of use against other cancer types.




ONCO-SELEC – Oncoselective Mechanism for Gene or Viral Therapy
New gene cassette that limits the expression of the cytotoxic gene to tumour cells. This system will improve both safety and efficacy of gene and viral based onco-therapies.




p38MAM - New therapy for breast tumours based on genomic characteristics
p38MAM is a new therapeutic approach for breast cancer patients (including triple-negative breast cancer subtype), based on modulation of the genomic integrity of cancer cells. The therapeutic effect is based on the combination of a chemotherapeutic drug and a p38 inhibitor. This new therapeutic approach comes with a Companion Diagnostic meaning that it can be also applicable for predicting the prognosis of treatments and selecting patients for new clinical assays.


A chemo-centric view of human health and disease
New bioinformatics tool to predict both positive and negative side-effects of a given molecule. It considers both the chemical and biological features related to the molecules.