Licensing Opportunities

2shRNA - therapeutic bifunctional shRNAs
2shRNA is a novel nanobinder capable of delivering a complete set of therapeutic agents to specific tissues: two different shRNAs and up to three other molecules (imaging probes, cell-targeting or penetrating peptides, drugs, etc.), multiplying the possible therapeutic applications.




AgeSTOP - A novel target against aging
AgeSTOP is based on the discovery of a novel role for a known ligand-activated transcription factor involved in skin aging. We have generated evidences that old fibroblasts express master regulators of adipogenesis (such as our target). Topic pharmacological inhibition of our target attenuates, in-vivo, fibroblast aging.




Drug combinations against breast cancer
Novel bioinformatics algorithm to analyse the synergistic effect of drug combinations in anti-cancer therapies. In-vivo validation in breast cancer models but can be of use against other cancer types.





GATE2BRAIN - A novel platform of blood-brain barrier shuttles
Gate2Brain technology consists of peptide shuttles able to carry therapeutic cargoes across the BBB which cannot otherwise cross unaided.





CGI - Cancer Genome Interpreter
CGI is a powerfull bioinformatics tool combining extensive expert curation and computational analyses to assess both the biological and clinical significances of alterations in tumor genomes. It is of great advantage as support of the rationale design of genomic-driven oncologic therapies.




SIDEFFECTS - A chemo-centric view of human health and disease
New bioinformatics tool to predict both positive and negative side-effects of a given molecule. It considers both the chemical and biological features related to the molecules.




COLOSTAGE - New companion diagnostic test for colorectal cancer
Companion diagnostic test for drugs targeting TGF-beta in colorectal cancer.