The “Swim against the current” project

Carlos Romero is a telecommunications engineer who, last year, set himself the challenge of swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar in support of IRB Barcelona research into cancer and metastasis. Carlos’ family has been affected by cancer on various occasions. He decided he wanted to do something to help in the fight against this devastating disease. And since his passion has always been swimming, he decided to face the daunting challenge that only around 700 people have successfully met so far. This is how the project Swim against the current came about.

While he was training for this, Carlos launched an awareness and fundraising campaign, enlisting the support of supporters and local companies and businesses, and the general public. The town council of Sant Esteve Sesrovires—where Carlos is from—and the local NGO “Tot Suma” were the first to pledge support to the project.

There are 14.4 km separating Europe from Africa. Due to the strong currents, this means swimming about 17 km, corresponding to 12,250 “supporting strokes” as Carlos puts it. Carlos chose 23 September 2015 for his challenge and on that very day he jumped into the water in Tarifa. In less than 4 hours he had reached Almansa Point, in Africa. Challenge met!

The proceeds from this initiative have generously been given to IRB Barcelona research into cancer and metastasis. The fundraising campaign will be open until the end of 2015, allowing donations from those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to show their support.

More information about the Swim against the current project can be found on a dedicated webpage.

Thank you Carlos, you are an inspiration!