PhD Students Symposium

Science fights back: Tackling disease to recover homeostasis

12 Nov 2015 - 13 Nov 2015

The event

The IRB Barcelona PhD Students Symposium seeks to bring together students from around the world for presentations and debates on cutting- edge topics in the scope of biomedical sciences. Our main aim is to connect the molecular mechanisms responsible for tissue homeostasis and the malignant processes leading to different pathologies, such as cancer, ageing- and metabolism-related disorders.

PhD students will be selected to present their research alongside renowned speakers from diverse biomedical fields. Students will also be invited to present their work in the poster format and will be encouraged to network during social events such as "Tapas with speakers" (with Christian Ottmann, Linda Partridge, Thijn Brummelkamp, Manuel Serrano, Melina Schuh, Philipp Selenko and Dirk Trauner) and the “Round table” (with Christian Ottmann, Dirk Trauner, Thijn Brummelkamp, Anne Bertolotti, Helena Gonzalez, Carlos Garcia-Echeverria and Anna Merlos Suárez).


Deadline for registrations: September 23rd, 2015. Early bird registration until July 17th, 2015.

Thursday November 12th

Session I - Cellular stress: Learning how to keep the balance


08:30 Registration starts
09:00 Opening lecture by Joan Guinovart (director of IRB Barcelona)

Andrew Dillin “Orchestrating aging across a troubled soma”


Short talk I: Ariadna Pascual Velázquez
Lipid droplet mediated ER homeostasis regulates autophagy and cell survival during starvation”


Philipp Selenko “Why do amyloid proteins aggregate in certain neurons … and not in others?”

11:20 Coffee break

Short talk II: Tania Octavia Crisan
“Soluble uric acid primes inflammatory responses via activation of the Akt-PRAS40-mTOR pathway”


Anne Bertolotti “Preventing protein quality control failure”

13:00 Lunch & Posters

Session II - When balance fails: Exploring the responsible mechanisms


The EMBO Keynote Lecture: Thijn Brummelkamp “Haploid genetic screens in human cells to find disease-relevant genes”


Short talk III: Angela Santonja “Genetic background contribution to metastatic dissemination in breast cancer extreme phenotype patients”


Short talk IV: Laura Isús “A network approach to spinal cord injury”

15:45 Coffee break

Short talk V: Roser Borràs Tuduri “Nonglycosidic alpha-galactosylceramide analogues: new NKT agonist with immunomodulatory properties”


Dirk Trauner “Controlling biological function with photopharmacology”

17:25 Poster Presentation
19:00 End of session
20:30 Tapas with speakers at C3Bar - CCCB Bar-Restaurant

Friday November 13th

Session III - Keeping it healthy: From a single cell to an old organism


Melina Schuh “Insights into chromosome segregation errors in mammalian oocytes”


Short talk I: Àlbert Rafels “Distribution of ADAT-dependent codons in the human transcriptome”


Kim Nasmyth “How does cohesin load onto chromosomes, dissociate from chromosomes, and hold sister DNAs together after DNA replication?”

11:10 Coffee break

Short talk II: Carlos Maillo “Translation control of hepatic metabolism by the CPEB2-4 subfamily of proteins”


Nazif Alic “Targeting the Ras-Erk-ETS pathway for longevity”

12:50    The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology talk by Montserrat Vendrell

13:00    Lunch & Posters

Session IV - Getting into action: New perspectives on identifying and targeting genes


Christian Ottmann “Small-molecule stabilization of 14-3-3 protein-protein interactions”


Short talk III: Georgina Flórez Grau
“Nanoencapsulated budesonide efficiently induce human tolerogenic dendritic cells”


Short talk IV: Sumersing Patil
“Oxindoles inhibit Hedgehog pathway by blocking Smoothened”

16:00 Coffee break

Short talk V: Alba Torrents de la Peña
“Structure based stabilization of soluble cleaved HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein trimmers”


Manuel Serrano “Novel approaches to aging: senescence and reprogramming”

17:40 Round table
18:45 Closing remarks and awards
19:00 End of the symposium

The venue, Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC), is located in the city centre, a 5- minute walk away from Barcelona’s central square “Plaça de Catalunya”.

VENUE: Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC)

The “COAC” is an organisation that was established more than 80 years ago as a benchmark for architecture. Its mission is to uphold the social value of architecture and urbanism on behalf of architects.

Travel and accomodation information

  • The EMBO Keynote Lecture: Thijn Brummelkamp

    • The Netherlands Cancer Institute
    • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • Thijn Brummelkamp Webpage
    • “Haploid genetic screens in human cells to find disease-relevant genes”
  • Anne Bertolotti

    • MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
    • Cambridge Biomedical Campus
    • Cambridge, UK
    • Anne Bertolotti Webpage
    • “Preventing protein quality control failure”
  • Andrew Dillin

    • Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
    • University of California, Berkeley
    • Berkeley, USA
    • Andrew Dillin Webpage
    • “Orchestrating ageing across a troubled soma”
  • Kim Nasmyt