Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics news

<p>Marta Vilaseca, IRB Barcelona</p>
17 Abr 2018

La serie Meet Our Scientists presenta a Marta Vilaseca, directora de la Plataforma Científica de Espectrometría de Masas y Proteómica del IRB Barcelona.

El vídeo “Proteins caught in fraganti” (Proteínas cazadas in fraganti) presenta el área de trabajo de la científica.

<p>Illustrative image of how scientists have deciphered the covalent nature of beta-amyloid dimers, an article published in Analytical Chemistry. Authors: Marina Gay, IRB Barcelona, and Lorena Markovich</p>
17 Abr 2018

Un trabajo liderado en el IRB Barcelona aporta la primera evidencia directa de dímeros (unión de dos proteínas) de beta-amiloide en enfermos de Alzheimer y los señala como potencial biomarcador.

Los dímeros de beta-amiloide podrían ser la especie patológica más pequeña que desencadenara la enfermedad de Alzheimer.

<p>From right to left: Marina Gay, Marta Vilaseca, Mar Vilanova, Laura Villareal, Mireia Díaz-Lobo.</p>
27 May 2016

IRB Barcelona steps into High-Throughput Proteomics. After passing an external evaluation, the Mass Spectrometry Core Facility has been renamed “Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Core Facility”. Its mission is “to apply advanced proteomic methods to help researchers study diseases, pathways, targets and drugs effects,” says Core Facility manager Marta Vilaseca, who emphasises the contribution of her team to cutting-edge research at the Institute.

The facility has recently been enlarged and now occupies an additional area in the PCB to host a new Orbitrap Fusion Lumos, which has just been installed and is fully...