IRB Barcelona’s Maths4Life Summer Internship Programme was launched in 2014. This activity offers tutored training placements in laboratories to talented young students and graduates in statistics, mathematics, informatics and bioinformatics interested in the biosciences.

The students participating in the programme are selected from a large pool of exceptionally high-quality candidates and they have a unique opportunity to collaborate in the development of computational and statistical methods applicable to research in biology and biomedicine.

The 2020 call of the programme included an open webinar in which all awardees presented their research work undertaken in the respective labs during the three summer months.

The names of the 2020 awardees, project titles and host research labs are provided below:

  • Paula GomisStem Cells and Cancer group (Dr. Salvador Aznar). Project: "Analysis of Prometastatic Epigenetic Memory Promoted by Dietary Palmitic Acid".

  • Geovanny Alexander Risco – Comparative Genomics group (Dr. Toni Gabaldón). Project: "Benchmarking MetaPhOrs with the Quest for Orthologs Service".

Of note, despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic, all the awardees this year successfully completed their internships and produced robust research projects.

Don’t miss the chance to find out more about the programme and our state-of-the-art laboratories, which tackle cutting-edge topics in cancer/metastasis, ageing and cell reprogramming, metabolism, cell differentiation, and genomics, among others.

Get to know these extraordinary young scientists and their ground-breaking work here: