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IRB Barcelona, celebrating a decade of discovery in the biomedical sciences

26 October 2015

This summary includes a video that celebrates IRB Barcelona's birthday, a timeline of the milestones in our history, video recordings of the afternoon's celebrations and round table discussions, facts and figures that summarise our 10 years, as well as some images from the day.



Opening remarks, 10 tweets for 10 years.

Round table 1: Growing European Biomedical Sciences (Freire, Leptin, Mas-Colell, Ruiz, Massagué).

Cutting of the IRB Barcelona birthday cake, crafted by Oriol Balaguer and IRB Choir performance.

Round table 2: Creativity and innovation (Massagué, Adrià, Segarra, Bassas).

Wine & cheese session presentation by Xavi Ayala.

Facts & Figures


Symposium booklet

Celebrating a decade of discovery in the biomedical sciences


Symposium booklet (PDF) - View online