<p>Age-related hearing loss involves several environmental factors and genes. Image: CIBERER</p>
23 Feb 2018

Age-related hearing loss is a multifactor-origin disease which affects almost one out of three people aged between 65 and 74.

<p>The overexpression of the gene Serpent in the Drosophila wing causes permanent overgrowth and it is sufficient to promote tumour development (Image: Kyra Campbell, IRB Barcelona)</p>
22 Feb 2018

La Vanguardia, EFE, La Sexta, RTVE, among other media, have published articles about the study by Jordi Casanova, at IRB Barcelona, that reveals that the same genes can activate tumour growth and m

<p>The 10th “Vi per Vida” (Wine for Life) will be held on Sunday 25 February in Calella. Image: "Vi per Vida"</p>
21 Feb 2018

On Sunday 25 February, the non-profit organisation “Vi per Vida” (Wine for Life), will be holding a new wine-tasting event for 300 people at the Llobet i Gurí Factory in Calella (Barcelona).

<p>Workshop "Drosophila Melanogaster, a small superhero in the fight against cancer"</p>
19 Feb 2018

The newspaper El Periódico has published an interview with Dani Infante, a physicist and cancer patient who organised the event "Al càncer, Donem-li recerca!" on the occasion of International Child

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