Welcome to the #WeAreIRB blog, the IRB Barcelona community site!


If you are a member of the IRB Barcelona community and are interested in participating in the blog, you are welcome to post following the instructions below:

1- To create a blog entry, identify yourself on the portal with your IRB Barcelona user and password.

2- Once inside, click on “Add content” and fill out the form. You can post either in English, Spanish or Catalan. Please add a picture to the post (either a picture that you have taken, an IRB Barcelona picture, or one from a free images bank (e.g. Pexels, Pixabay, etc.). Choose the category “IRBBloggers”.

3- When you consider that your post is finished, change its status to "Needs review". Please contact communications@irbbarcelona.org to let us know that you have a post ready to publish.

4- After being reviewed by an administrator, your post will be published and you will be able to view it on the blog and share the link.


Blog rules and recommendations:

1- The topic of the posts must be related to the IRB Barcelona community and/or its interests (career, training, research, welfare, environment, travels, hobbies, etc.).

2- Posts referring to advertising/ publicity and controversial topics or representing biased points of view will not be accepted.

3- You can publish posts from your own blog (if you have one), always citing the source and whenever the post complies with the #WeAreIRB blog rules.

4- Post should not exceed 5 paragraphs.


Should you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact us at communications@irbbarcelona.org.