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CANCELLED: Thinking differently about cancer drug therapy

21 Jun 19

Speaker: Rene Bernards, PhD, Netherlands Cancer Institute. Amsterdam. The Netherlands



Organizers: IRB Barcelona
Date: Friday 21 June, 12.00h
Place: Auditorium, Parc Cientific de Barcelona

Host: Ángel R. Nebreda, PhD - IRB Barcelona


Conventional cancer therapy consist of using drugs at a maximum tolerated dose, which in advanced disease almost invariably leads to resistance. In this lecture I will discuss four strategies to either delay onset of resistance or even take advantage of resistance development for therapeutic benefit. As one example, I will discuss how we can use sequential drug treatment to deliver a lethal "one-two punch" to cancer cells. In this scenario, we use the first drug to expose a major new vulnerability of the cancer cells that is subsequently targeted by the second drug. This has the advantage that the drugs do not have to be given at the same time, which allows combination of a much broader range of cancer drugsm as co-administration of drugs may be limited by toxicities, Examples of effective sequential drug treatments based on the induction of senescence in cancer followed by selective killing of senescent cells will be presented.

Plenary Seminar