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Empower: Leadership Training for Postdoctoral Scientists

21 May 24
- 19 Jun 24


This is a 16-hour face-to-face training consisting of 4 workshops of 4 hours each, created to equip postdoctoral scientists with practical tools to take on a leadership role in a sustainable manner, both for themselves and for their teams. For this reason, participants:

  1. Will develop their self-leadership, so they feel more empowered and able to continue progressing in their scientific career.
  2. Will learn and practice tools to exercise leadership on their current and future teams.
  3. Will develop their negotiating skills to reach their goals in an assertive manner.
  4. Will experiment with goal setting tools to better design and manage their careers.

The program is based on a very interactive methodology. All workshops will combine brief theoretical learning pills with practical exercises in small groups, plenary discussions, and role plays, as well as self-reflection with the help of self-assessment tools. The facilitation will be carried out by a professional coach who will accompany the participants in the process, kindly challenging them to get involved to the maximum to grow as leaders.

At the end of each session, participants will commit to actions and will be responsible for the implementation of the learnings and agreements reached during the session. Participants will define an Individual Action Plan at the end of the programme

As an additional positive outcome, this program will help to build strong relationships among participants and will thus contribute to create a stronger sense of community within the BIST community centres.

Sessions will be run in English.


Target: Postdocs

Trainer: Alícia Marín

Dates: Tuesdays 21 May, 4 June, 11 June & 19 June 2024

From 10:00 to 14:00 h

Venue: 21/5 at ICFO (Castelldefels) 4/6 at ICFO (Castelldefels) 11/6 at Garbí (BCN) 18/6 a Garbí (BCN) 

Organiser: BIST




Workshop 1: Leading Yourself

The session focuses on establishing the framework of the programme and generating commitment in participants for their role as leaders. On the other hand, participants will become aware of how humans think, feel and act. They will work on the competences of emotional intelligence, starting with self-awareness, to reach satisfactory relationships with others at work.

  • Expectations and objectives of the program
  • Working alliance
  • Brief introduction to Daniel Goleman’s model of emotional intelligence Self-awareness: Beliefs, values, and actions
  • Time Management: Importance of effective time management for professional growth 

Workshop 2: Leading Others

The session focuses on knowing different styles of communication are required for successful leadership; fundamentals of leadership in practice.

  • Communication skills for leading and motivating a team (active listening, assertiveness, how to say no, asking questions)
  • Mintzberg’s managerial roles
  • The art of delegating well

Workshop 3: Leading your Career

The session focuses on empowering participants to take the reins of their own professional career.

  • Conflict resolution strategies for maintaining a positive work environment.
  • Win-win Negotiation Style
  • Setting career goals and developing a long-term vision, SMART Goal definition
  • Tips for successful networking: a scientific approach

Workshop 4: Mental wellbeing for a sustainable career

Working in a scientific environment is energizing and very competitive this session will provide practical tools to manage stress and develop resilience.

  • Recognizing signs of stress and burnout
  • Strategies for managing stress and maintaining mental health
  • Promoting work-life balance for enhanced productivity
  • Cultivating resilience and coping mechanisms in a demanding academic environment
  • Individual action plan
  • Programme closure



Alícia Marín