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From flies to (wo)man: the sex of the intestine and why it matters


Organizer: IRB BioMed Seminars

Date: Friday, 17 Feb at 12:00h
Place: Fèlix Serratosa

Speaker: Dr. Irene Miguel-Aliaga - Group Leader at the Gut Signalling and Metabolism Lab - Professor at Imperial College London and MRC Investigator at the MRC LMS,  London, UK.

Title: "From flies to (wo)man: the sex of the intestine and why it matters"

Host: Dr. Marco Milán - Group Leader - Development and Growth Control LAB - IRB Barcelona - Mechanisms of Disease Programme.


Our research explores the idiosyncrasies of adult organs: how they differ between the sexes or across life stages. Our work in Drosophila has revealed intestinal sex differences that impact food intake, gamete production and tumour susceptibility. Investigating how the intestine senses and responds to nutrients, we also discovered an intestinal zinc sensor that promotes Tor signalling to sustain food intake and developmental growth. More recently, we have investigated sex and reproductive differences in the mammalian intestine, in both mice and humans. We have also become very interested in the idea that the three-dimensional arrangement of the intestine confines or enables its communication with other organs, and have developed new methods to describe and interrogate this new dimension to signalling. I will likely present some of this work.

IRB BioMed Seminars

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