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Nature metabolism – a new Nature Research journal

16 May 18

Speaker: Christoph Schmitt, PhD. Senior Editor and Team Manager Nature Communications Berlin – Germany



Organizers: IRB Barcelona

Date: Wednesday, 16 May, 13:00h

Place: Aula Fèlix Serratosa, Parc Científic de Barcelona

Host: Manuel Serrano, PhD - IRB Barcelona


Research in the fields of cellular and organismal metabolism has experienced strong growth over the past decade as we seek a greater understanding of how metabolic pathways influence diseases with substantial societal impact, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Coming in 2019 (but already accepting submissions), Nature Metabolism will publish top-quality original studies in metabolic research - from fundamental cell biology to biomedical, translational and early clinical studies. As a true community journal, Nature Metabolism will foster the cross-pollination of ideas between disciplines, and will be essential reading for researchers working in all areas of metabolic research. In this presentation, I will discuss the considerations that led to the launch of the journal, explain its scope and its editorial model, and will give an update on the launch process.


Molecular Medicine Programme Seminar



Christoph Schmitt, PhD. Senior Editor and Team Manager Nature Communications Berlin – Germany


Christoph joined Nature Research in 2010 as an editor for Nature Reviews Cardiology and Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology. In 2012, he moved to Nature Communications, where he went on to become manager of the physiology and disease team handling a broad range of biomedical and translational research, including cardiovascular, metabolism and ageing research. Christoph became Chief Editor of Nature Metabolism in 2018. He holds a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Vienna, and conducted postdoctoral work at University College London, where he studied mitochondrial function and links between cellular energy metabolism and cell proliferation. You can follow him on Twitter @SchmittChr