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Ninein-KO in mice: potential role in dwarfism and microcephaly?

24 Nov 21

Speaker: Andreas Merdes, PhD. - Group Leader - Biology of the Centrosome - Paul Sabatier - University Toulouse III - Centre de Biologie Intégrative - Toulouse, France.



Organizer: IRB Barcelona

Date: Wed, 24 November 2021, 4pm

Place: Auditorium Antoni Caparrós, PCB

Title: "Ninein-KO in mice: potential role in dwarfism and microcephaly?"

Host: Jens Lüders, PhD., - Group Leader - IRB Barcelona - Mechanisms of Disease Programme.

Short summary: We observed growth defects in ninein knockout mice that were reminiscent of human primordial dwarfism. Further analysis revealed developmental abnormalities in bone tissue. I will discuss potential cellular mechanisms that lead to the observed defects. 

Extraordinary BioMed Seminar