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WellBIST course - Burn-out


Researchers are under a lot of pressure to produce high-quality research, while juggling grant writing, service and more, and competing with peers in their respective fields worldwide. Admin and other scientific staff are in the same situation when supporting the researchers.

As organizations scramble to respond to the stress, burnout, and mental health crises, that was even exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Some easy solutions were wellness programs focused on supporting self-care — gym memberships, meditation apps, or even paid time off. However, there is also an increasing concern that the emphasis on self-care may transfer full responsibility to the individual, and undermine, rather than support, employee wellness.

The objective of this proposal is to deliver a workshop to researchers and staff personnel who oversee teams, addressing the prevention, detection, and management of burnout. This training is expected to have a positive impact and make a difference on their team members. In this workshop we will address the most common causes of stress and burn-out, and learn how to detect it in the people working with you. Also, you will acquire tips to manage that people, but also to manage your own stress and burn-out.

This workshop will be in English.


This workshop is part of the WellBIST, the BIST psychological support programme.

Trainer: Míriam Bayés

Target: all audiences, both if you are managing teams and want to detect burn-out behaviours in your team, or if you are interested in manage your own burn-out and stress.

Date: Friday, 31 May, 09:30 - 12:30 h

Place: Recinte de La Maternitat, room TBC

Organiser: BIST



  •    Understand some of the most common causes of stress and burnout.
  •    Learn the main burnout signs on employees’ behaviors.
  •    Acquire tips and methods to manage people with burnout.
  •    Acquire tips and methods to manage your own burnout.






Míriam Bayés