2020 IRB Barcelona Alumni Excellence Awards


We are proud to announce that the awardee of the 2020 IRB Barcelona Alumni Excellence Award is Eva Novoa

Eva Novoa completed her PhD in 2012 at the Gene Translation Laboratory, under the supervision of Luís Ribas de Pouplana. Since 2018, she holds a Group Leader Position at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), where she leads the Epitranscriptomics and RNA Dynamics Laboratory. The date of the award event will be announced later in the year.

This prize, now in its fifth edition, acknowledges outstanding contributions to science and the scientific community made by young researchers who have completed a significant part of their training and careers at IRB Barcelona and who are now alumni. Additionally, these awards are intended to showcase the impact and value of IRB Barcelona training. The IRB Barcelona Alumni Excellence Award is given with the support of logo eppendorf

Watch the pictures of the 2019 alumni award event here:

4th IRB Alumni Excellence Award - Ana Janic


Past winners

Ana Janic (2019)

Ana Janic (Serbia, 1978) moved to Barcelona in 2005 for a summer internship in Cayetano González’s Cell Division Laboratory at IRB Barcelona. This experience led her to undertake a PhD in his group, during which she developed a research project in the field of Drosophila tumour biology. She was later a postdoctoral researcher at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne (Australia).

Ana currently leads the Cancer Biology Group in the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences (DCEXS) at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) with a Junior Group Leader Tenure Track position.

T​he 201​9​ Alumni Excellence Award Event was held on​ Friday, 19 July 2019. Check the pictures of the event here.


Joan Font-Burgada (2018)

Joan Font-Burgada (Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona, 1977), PhD researcher in the Cell and Developmental Biology Program of IRB Barcelona (2006-2010), under the supervision of Dr. Ferran Azorín. Postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, San Diego in Dr. Michael Karin's group (Department of Pharmacology). Currently Assistant Professor at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.

Joan is recognized “for his important contributions to understand the development of cancer, in particular, why cancers evolve with mutations that are poorly immunogenic, and also for the identification of special hepatic reparative cells with low propensity to produce cancer”.

The 2018 Alumni Excellence Award Event was held on Friday, 5 October 2018 at 12:00 h at IRB Barcelona. Check the pictures of the event here.


Marc Liesa (2017)

PhD researcher in IRB Barcelona’s Complex Metabolic Diseases and Mitochondria Lab (2003-2009), Postdoctoral Fellow in Molecular Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Boston Medical Center (Boston, USA), since 2015, and since 2015 Assistant Professor in-Residence, step II, at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA (Los Angeles, USA).

Marc is recognized "for his important contributions to mitochondrial biology, in particular the study of the functional relationships between organelle morphology and cellular energetics, and the identification of ABCB10 as the first mitochondrial ATP transporter essential in oxidative stress protection”.

The IRB Barcelona Alumni Excellence Award ceremony was held on 5 May 2017.


David Vilchez (2016)

PhD and postdoctoral research in IRB Barcelona's Metabolic Engineering and Diabetes Therapy Lab (2003-2008).
Group Leader since 2013 at the CECAD-Cluster of Excellence in Cologne, Germany, where he received an ERC Starting Grant.

David is recognized for his “insight, originality and courage to start interdisciplinary and innovative scientific approaches. He has demonstrated an ability to conduct ground-breaking research throughout his career with outstanding scientific achievements on subjects as diverse as neurodegeneration, proteostasis, aging and stem cell biology.”

The IRB Barcelona Alumni Excellence Award ceremony took place on 16 September 2016.