10th charity wine tasting in support of research into cancer and metastasis at IRB Barcelona

<p>The 10th “Vi per Vida” (Wine for Life) will be held on Sunday 25 February in Calella. Image: "Vi per Vida"</p>
  • <p>The 10th “Vi per Vida” (Wine for Life) will be held on Sunday 25 February in Calella. Image: "Vi per Vida"</p>
  • <p>Xavier Ayala. Image: "Vi per Vida"</p>
  • <p>Vi per Vida at ViGralla 2015. Image: "Vi per Vida"</p>

"Vi per Vida", a charity run by sommelier Xavi Ayala, promotes social awareness of the importance of research.

The event will be held this Sunday, February 25 in Calella.

On Sunday 25 February, the non-profit organisation “Vi per Vida” (Wine for Life), will be holding a new wine-tasting event for 300 people at the Llobet i Gurí Factory in Calella (Barcelona). The objective of this fundraising initiative is to draw public attention to the importance of research and to support research into cancer and metastasis conducted at Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona). Metastasis is the term used to describe the spread of a primary tumour to distant organs, a process that causes 90% of deaths from cancer
This will be the tenth charity wine-tasting event organised by “Vi per vida”, an initiative run by the sommelier Xavier Ayala and which came about from his passion for wine and the heartfelt death of his father from lung cancer metastasis when Xavier was only nine years old.

"I have always wanted to make support research into metastasis, because of my father. I am very grateful for people’s response and to be able to contribute to strengthening the research conducted by a centre like IRB Barcelona," comments Xavier Ayala.

People interested in attending this event can buy tickets for 10€, which will allow them to taste five wines from various denominations of origin in Catalonia: Alella, Costers del Segre, Catalunya and Empordà.

Furthermore, tickets can be purchased in advance through Ticketea, at the Diagonal de Pineda Restaurant, and at three points of sale in Calella: Fruits secs Tulsà, Sapor d'Italia restaurant and the Bisbe Sivilla Institute.

IRB Barcelona researchers thank the “Vi per Vida” initiative