BIST awards three multidisciplinary projects for the Ignite Programme’s second phase

Image: BIST
Image: BIST

GenStorm (“An integrated approach to visualize and model the spatial conformation of genes at the nanoscale level”), led by Pablo Daniel Dans (IRB Barcelona) and Marie Victoire Neguembor (CRG) is one of this projects.

The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology has awarded three outstanding multidisciplinary projects within the BIST Community with grants to continue the projects they began developing through the Ignite Programme’s first phase in 2017.

The projects were chosen from the eight that were awarded at “BIST Ignite” grant during the first phase at the beginning of 2017. The winners of this second phase contribute significantly to the scientific landscape: the design of an innovative retinal prosthesis, a new methodology to study and model the organization and functions of genes in the cell nucleus, and the characterization of new catalysts that allow separation of oxygen and hydrogen from water.

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