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Fun and solidarity brought together at IRB Barcelona’s Holiday Party



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After 14 years, the Institute for Research in Biomedicine is a consolidated research centre of excellence.

The fundraising raffle raised 1315 euros for the “Casals del Infants del Raval”.

The work of our “Artist in Residence”, Antony Nevin, provided art and entertainment.

A personal chronicle by Montse Bautista

After weeks of preparation, the big day arrived. On Thursday 12 December we celebrated our Holiday Party. It was the first one for me. I had no idea what the night was going to hold. Now I can say that I had a great time. My first stop in the party venue was the table where raffle tickets were being sold. Each ticket cost 5 euros. I felt bad about not buying one, but I only had enough cash on me to get the bus home. I was left wanting to support a good cause. The 1315 euros raised went to the NGO Casals del Infants del Raval, an organisation that supports the schooling of children in that neighbourhood.

After a few minutes, I went further into the room. At the back there was a mini stage, an essential prop for any party worth its weight. Standing on it and armed with a microphone, Margarida Corominas, Managing Director of the centre, was giving an institutional speech, in which she highlighted the consolidation of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona)  since its set-up 14 years ago. Corominas emphasized the achievements of IRB Barcelona, as well as the reputation it has built in the international community.  “IRB Barcelona boasts a rich and diverse community and we truly have many reasons to celebrate,” she concluded. These words marked the start of the celebration.

Some of our PhD students then took to the stage to do the fundraising raffle draw. The lucky winners took home some tasty legs of ham that they will be able to share with family and friends over the coming holiday, coffee makers to make delicious morning brews, portable PCs, smartboxes including a dinner, a night in a hotel and breakfast, an Espanyol football club shirt signed by all the players, etc.  Some of the suppliers who gave these gifts were also present at the gathering. In this regard, reps from Macrogen, Ànima Information Technology Solutions, Bestours, Orbal and Envigo RMS SPAIN S.L. were there.

We are also grateful to the following suppliers that collaborated to make the party a success: Promega Biotech Iberia S.L, L’Antic Forn, Howden Iberia, Integra PMC, Ddbiolab, Cultek, Catalonia Hotels-Resorts, Biotools, Acefe, Sistemas Avanzados de Tecnología, ABAST Systems S.A., S.G. Servicios Hospitalarios S.L., Life Technologies, IZASA Scientific, S.L.U., Eppendorf Iberica, Lufthansa, Fujitsu, Laboratorios Conda, Blue Bitz Fidelity Program, Tebu-bio S.L., Scharlab S.L.; Salicru. S.A., Masque Iniciativas, S.L., Integrated DNA Technologies Spain, Integra PMC, S.L., and Abyntek Biopharma S.L. 

After the raffle, dinner began. Long tables placed throughout the room were loaded with a variety of snacks. The plates were soon emptied by the crowds. I was surprised to see so many people there. Carols were played in the background while friends ate and laughed together. But they weren’t the only things we heard, bagpipes also made their contribution, and all kinds of other songs were played.  The show and art element was provided by our Artist in Residence, Antony Nevin, who lent us the striking costumes that he uses in his performances to represent cell behaviour. They managed to light up the dance floor! 

In a nutshell, it was a great night through which to welcome the forthcoming holiday break. We wish you happy holidays and a 2020 with more science for a better future!

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About IRB Barcelona

The Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) pursues a society free of disease. To this end, it conducts multidisciplinary research of excellence to cure cancer and other diseases linked to ageing. It establishes technology transfer agreements with the pharmaceutical industry and major hospitals to bring research results closer to society, and organises a range of science outreach activities to engage the public in an open dialogue. IRB Barcelona is an international centre that hosts 400 researchers and more than 30 nationalities. Recognised as a Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence since 2011, IRB Barcelona is a CERCA centre and member of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST).