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25 May 2006 -

Professor and IRB Barcelona director, Joan Guinovart, points out in an article the crucial role of science parks to link basic research to the business sector. The article, called Benefitis of the science park model, highlights the main characteristics of these research and technology transfer structures. In particular, Guinovart describes the Barcelona Science Park (Parc Científic de Barcelona), which hosts IRB Barcelona labs and headquarters.

20 May 2006 -

Dossier Econòmic de Catalunya devotes a full page article to IRB Barcelona

16 May 2006 -

In an article published in La Vanguardia newspaper, the IRB Barcelona director , Joan J. Guinovart, examines  the main characteristics that have made Barça European Champion and advocates application of the same criteria to ensure the success of the BioRegion of Catalonia. Guinovart identifies the following criteria: a team with the finest international players; competitive salaries; training of talented local players; social support; and motivation to become the leader.

19 Feb 2006 -

IRB Barcelona director, Joan Guinovart has written an article about the revolution that has to be done to foster science in Spain.

5 Feb 2006 -

This month, La Vanguardia newspaper has published a series of articles devoted to the analysis of the current science system in Spain, its advances and its handicaps. The jounalists have given voice to several actors involved in the development of the Catalan and Spanish system: leading scientists, politicians, Pharmaceutical Industries, University representatives... There is a general feeling of improvement but the system still shows a number of deficiencies.

The articles are:Ciencia y declive Ciencia y empresa hablan lenguas distintas Y sin embargo se mueve Un oasis en el desierto



4 Dec 2005 -

The newspaper El Pais reports the research developed by biochemist Modesto Orozco, group leader of  Molecular Modelling Informatics at IRB Barcelona. The scientist is developing a large library which will contain 1,900 proteins in movement. To build this library Dr. Orozco is taking advantage of the new supercomputer Marenostrum, established by the UPC.


<p>Joan Massagué - IRB Barcelona</p>
4 Nov 2005 -

The appointment of Joan Massagué in Science Magazine

15 Oct 2005 -

The Barcelona research centre comprises 200 scientists involved in five research programmes