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The State Scientific Committee prioritises eight high-performance screening projects within the SCREENTECH call for Expressions of Interest




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The State Technical Committee and the State Scientific Committee of the Complementary Plan for Biotechnology applied to Health have selected eight drug screening projects in Catalonia to receive a total budget of €452,000 from the Ministry of Science and Innovation. The call for expressions of interest has been jointly coordinated by the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), coordinator of the Complementary Plan in Catalonia, and the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), coordinator of the platform for drug screening and analysis of drug-target interactions financed by the Plan.

The submission period for Expressions of Interest (EOI) in SCREENTECH for the development of high-performance screening projects using IRB Barcelona’s “drug screening and drug-target interaction analysis platform” ended in May, within the framework of Action 3 of the Complementary Plan.

Action 3 of the Complementary Plan for Biotechnology applied to Health is aimed seeks to develop an integrated high-performance screening system and streamline the drug discovery process by supporting research projects that facilitate the identification and optimisation of compounds with potential for use in both general and precision medicine. In addition, it aims to promote the repurposing of drugs for application in new therapeutic contexts.

Today, the State Scientific Committee has published the list of the eight prioritised EOIs that have been allocated funds from the Complementary Plan for Biotechnology applied to Health. These EOIs are focused on finding new drugs against diseases such as colorectal cancer, leukemia, and breast cancer, in addition to the detection and selection of multivalent peptides, inhibitors of immune system checkpoints. A total of €452,000 will be allocated and each EOI will receive €56,500.

SCREENTECH is the second call for EOIs launched from Catalonia to form alliances with other autonomous communities (after the Collaborative Projects programme). The State Scientific Committee of the Complementary Plan, coordinated by IBEC, has prioritised eight projects that will be carried out in 11 basic and clinical research institutions—6 in Catalonia, 2 in Galicia, 2 in the Basque Country, and 1 in Andalusia—and which will foster collaboration and territorial cohesion.

See the full list of EOIs chosen.


The SCREENTECH call for EOIs is co-financed by the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR C17.I1), the NextGenerationEU, and the Autonomous Community of Catalonia.

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