IRB Barcelona adapts its activity in the context of COVID-19

Against the backdrop of the current health crisis, IRB Barcelona has been following the directives of the authorities to guarantee the health of its employees, to contribute to preventive measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, and to minimize the impact of these measures on the lines of research undertaken at the Institute. The aim is to guarantee minimum services and the maintenance of the Institute's research facilities and tools.

The work done by our computational scientists and many of the lab and administration tasks will continue to be undertaken. However, some projects have inevitably been suspended until things get back to normal and we can return to work. IRB Barcelona is working hard to keep on top of this situation, and we will get back to our cutting-edge science as soon circumstances permit.

As a research centre, we have made ourselves available to health authorities, putting our infrastructure, equipment and knowledge at the service of society. We will do everything in our power to contribute to the collective effort to fight this health crisis.

As research scientists, we want to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. In this respect, the Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology laboratory, led by Patrick Aloy, is participating in the international project RiPCoN (funded by the European Commission). In addition, several IRB Barcelona groups are now preparing applications to the new calls from ISCII and EU that have just been announced.

We will continue to publish updates on our website so that you can stay abreast of developments. In the meantime, stay safe and look out for those around you.

IRB Barcelona is working on tackling the coronavirus pandemic: find out about our projects.