IRB Barcelona Alumni careers —Setting a research group. An interview with IRB Barcelona alumni Enza Lonardo

“At IRB Barcelona I learned good, trustworthy —really top level— science. The one that makes you dream. You looked at people and said “I want to be like them”, and that was actually a motivation for me”.

Researcher Enza Lonardo (Naples, 1980) started figuring out what becoming a Group Leader would be like at some point between her PhD and her two postdoctoral stages —the latest one between 2012 and 2017 in the Colorectal Cancer Laboratory at IRB Barcelona, led by Eduard Batlle. Afterwards, her career venture continued in her Native Naples (Italy), where she moved to set up her own group.

Today, Enza leads the Gastrointestinal Cancer Laboratory at the Institute of Genomics and Biophysics Adriano Buzzati-Traverso. The main goal of her research is to increase survival of pancreatic cancer patients by exploring the contribution of the tumor microenvironment to the failure of presently available oncological treatments.

Watch this video interview to find out more about Enza’s relationship with IRB Barcelona and her experience in starting her own group, including the steps she had to take, the challenges she had to face, and the key elements that helped her to embark on this new and fascinating step in her scientific career!