IRB Barcelona launches the video series “Meet Our Scientists”

These short interviews seek to raise awareness of scientific leaders at the institute, increase the visibility of biomedicine, and attract talent.

Roger Gomis: "Light and credibility"

Roger Gomis (Barcelona, 1974), a scientist devoted to cancer research at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), is the focus of the first video of the series “Meet Our Scientists”, a new audiovisual initiative launched by IRB Barcelona today on its YouTube channel.

“Meet Our Scientists” comprises a series of 3-minute videos in an interview format produced in English and with subtitles available in Catalan and  Spanish. In these interviews, IRB Barcelona scientists give a brief description of the research that they do and explain what motivates them and the impact their work may have.

The videos seek to show the insight, passion, character and talent of the scientists that work at the centre. They also provide a new tool through which to make people aware of the biomedical research lines and expertise of the 23 laboratories and 6 scientific platforms that currently make up the centre—information that could serve to attract new talent.

A new video will be available on YouTube and via the IRB Barcelona’s website every month.