IRB Barcelona’s outreach endeavours receive financial backing

Meet Our Scientists video series present the reserach lines and the scientists at IRB Barcelona.
Meet Our Scientists video series present the reserach lines and the scientists at IRB Barcelona.
  • <p>Meet Our Scientists video series present the reserach lines and the scientists at IRB Barcelona.</p>
  • <p>Open Day 2017 (Battista/Minocri, IRB Barcelona)</p>
  • <p>The “Crazy Club” sessions seek to keep former "Crazy About Biomedicine" students in touch with each other.</p>

During 2017, five activities programmed by the Institute to promote scientific culture will be supported by the FECYT.

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT), an organisation that depends on the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, has granted the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) funding of 15,000 euros to support outreach activities undertaken in 2017. The FECYT has provided support for 193 projects from 117 Spanish institutes.

The funding awarded to IRB Barcelona will be used for five activities run by the Communications Office, including activities that are up and running and others that are in a pilot phase or that are to be launched.

"Crazy Club" sessions. Pilot activity

The “Crazy Club” has come about from the “Crazy About Biomedicine” (CAB) Programme, a yearly course that IRB Barcelona has been offering to first-year baccalaureate students since 2013. Launched in 2016 and with 90 members, the “Crazy Club” seeks to keep former CAB students in touch with each other and gives them preferential access regarding the events and courses organised by the Institute. In 2017, the club aims to organise training and networking sessions specifically for its members.

"Meet Our Scientists" videos. Pilot activity

In 2016, IRB Barcelona launched a series of videos called  "Meet Our Scientists". Seven videos were made that same year and the series has been warmly received by diverse audiences, from the scientific community to funding foundations and communications media. These brief videos with group leaders seek to offer a glimpse into their science, talent, personality, and motivation. The videos are in English with subtitles in three languages (English, Spanish and Catalan). Seven more videos are expected to be produced in 2017.

Open Day. New activity

On Saturday 13 May, IRB Barcelona held its second Open Day. In contrast to the first year’s event in 2015, which was over one day, this year the activity spanned half a day. These events aim to bring science closer to the public through general talks, family workshops, guided tours and fun activities.

Communications training sessions for researchers. New activity

IRB Barcelona will organise sessions specifically targeting researchers interested in gaining skills in scientific communication and education. In 2017, a minimum of three additional sessions in a workshop format will be organised—two with national speakers and one with an international speaker. The first session will be on social media for reserachers and will be held next June 1st.

Baccalaureate "Research Projects". An established activity

Since 2005, IRB Barcelona has been providing tutorage for the experimental part of the “Research Project (“Trabajo de Investigación”) that students undertake between the first and second years of baccalaureate studies in Catalonia. With this funding, the programme wishes to establish a prize for the best project of the year.


More information: Public Engagement and Science Education Office

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About IRB Barcelona
Created in 2005 by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia) and University of Barcelona, IRB Barcelona is a Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence, a seal that was awarded in 2011. The institute is devoted to conducting research of excellence in biomedicine and to transferring results to clinical practice, thus improving people’s quality of life, while simultaneously promoting the training of outstanding researchers, technology transfer, and public communication of science. Its 25 laboratories and seven core facilities address basic questions in biology and are orientated to diseases such as cancer, metastasis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and rare conditions. IRB Barcelona is an international centre that hosts 400 employees and 32 nationalities. It is located in the Barcelona Science Park. IRB Barcelona forms part of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) and the “Xarxa de Centres de Recerca de Catalunya” (CERCA).