”la Caixa” leads an investment round in IRB Barcelona's spin off Inbiomotion

The company concludes a 2.2 million € round led by ”la Caixa” through Caixa Capital Risc. Also participating in the operation were Ysios Capital and Fundación Vila Casas.

Inbiomotion, a spin off founded by IRB Barcelona's group leader, Roger Gomis,  develops diagnostic products for predicting risks that cancer patients may suffer bone metastasis.

”la Caixa” has led a 2.2 million Euro investment round in the Inbiomotion company, a spin off founded by the ICREA Research Rrofessor Roger Gomis, group leader of the Growth control and cancer metastasis laboratory at the IRB Barcelona. Also participating in the Inbiomotion operation are Ysios Capital, the leading Spanish venture capital for the biotech sector, through its Ysios BioFund I fund, and Fundación Vila Casas, which were already shareholders of the company.
Inbiomotion develops diagnostic tests for predicting the risk that cancer patients may suffer bone metastasis. Bone metastasis occurs when a tumour growing in another part of the patient’s body spreads out through the bloodstream, overcomes all of the body’s defences, and colonises itself in the bone. These metastatic cancers are usually highly aggressive, painful, and ultimately result in the patient’s death.

The target market for Inbiomotion is patients with prostate or breast cancer, where bone is the most common site for metastasis. Some 75% of women with metastatic breast cancer and 90% of men with metastatic prostate cancer develop bone metastasis during the course of their disease. This will also happen with 15-30% of patients with other types of tumours, such as lung, colon, stomach, uterine, rectal, thyroid, or kidney.

More information: Caixa Capital Risk (press release)