Oscar Flores: “We don’t want a company to just hobble along: we’ll make our mark or die trying”

Biocat news channel interviews Oscar Flores, co-founder and CEO of Made of Genes. An IRB Barcelona alumnus, Oscar did his PhD in Biomedicine at IRB Barcelona and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).

Made of Genes focuses on transactional genomics, helping individuals and companies obtain, store, move, manage and analyse genetic and biomedical data safely and in compliance with legal regulations. Their goal: “For everyone to have their gene sequence in their back pocket and be able to use it every time they go to the doctor,” sums up Oscar Flores.

In the interview, Oscar Flores explains that "From the beginning, one thing has been clear: we wanted Made of Genes to either succeed or to fail, nothing in between."

Read the full interview here: Start-up generation (Biocat)