Prestigious award for IRB Barcelona video

2015 Prisma prize for best video for "doing away with the stereotypes of scientists, and for its originality and bravery" according to the jury

The IRB Barcelona's video “Scientists dance for cancer, Alzheimer and diabetes research” has won the 2015 Prisma Prize in the category of best video. The awards are an initiative of the Coruña Science Museums, organized by the A Coruña city hall, to promote scientific culture. They are considered among the most prestigious prizes of their kind in Spain.

The video of the dancing scientists, launched on YouTube in 2014, has received more than one million visits (800,000 in the first 4 days) and has been covered more than 200 times in the media. The jury awarded the honour for the success of the video in "showing science while doing away with the stereotypes that society has of scientists, for its originality and courage, which allowed the video to go viral and have an impact on society and the media."

This is the third award IRB Barcelona's initiative has received, following two prizes in September from the Spanish Association of Fundraising.