So far, so close...

It has been almost three months without being able to have those we love close to us; without being able to feel the hugs that we needed so much and that we so needed to give. Which hugs have you missed the most? If, during these months, they had asked you "Who do you want to always have by your side?", who would you have thought about? 

In the IRB Barcelona community, we have some great stories to tell, like those of the people who are supporting our #MetastasisChallenge and allowing us to move forward together in the fight against cancer and metastasis. That is why today we are giving  faces and voices to those who, in addition to collaborating to our cause, want to tell us their story by answering this question: "Who do you want to always be close by?".

We would like you to meet Anna, Rosa, Assumpta, and Diego and to appreciate why we are so grateful to always have them by our side:


Meet Anna's story.

Know who Rosa wants to always be close by.

Meet Assumpta.

Know Diego's story.


Now that we can, let’s not miss the opportunity to embrace our loved ones and have them always close by. What about you? Who do you want to always have by your side?