The Barcelona City Council awards Ernest Giralt with the "Ciutat de Barcelona" prize

The Council recognizes the impact of his research in peptide chemistry with applications in innovative therapies for cancer

The "Ciutat de Barcelona" prize represents the highest recognition that gives the city to its citizens

Ernest Giralt, Group Leader of the Peptides and Proteins Laboratory at IRB Barcelona, for which he also serves as programme coordinator of Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, has received  the "Ciutat de Barcelona" (City of Barcelona) Award in the category of Experimental Sciences and Technology, the City Council announced this morning.

The council recognizes Dr. Giralt for his "development of a chemical technology that enables a cytotoxic peptide extracted from wasp venom to act selectively in tumor cells without affecting healthy cells, with applications into chemotherapy," according to today's announcement  by the Culture Institute of the City Council. The  study was published in June 2014 in the Journal of Control Release and first author was postdoctoral researcher Miguel Moreno "Delivering wasp venom for cancer therapy"

The awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, February 10 in the City Council, and will be chaired by Mayor Xavier Trias.

The "Ciutat de Barcelona" awards represent the highest recognition that  he city gives to its citizens. With over sixty years of history, the prizes aim to reward excellence in different fields of creativity, research and culture in the city throughout the year. The winners are chosen by a jury of renowned representatives from each sector, who conduct a comprehensive study of all projects in each area.

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