The scientists from Madrid who will change the world

<p>Lidia, Marcos and Irene are 3 out of the 68 "la Caixa" Phd Students 2016. Photo: Javier Barbancho (El Mundo)</p>

IRB Barcelona PhD student Marcos Fernández is one of three researchers featured in the article published today in El Mundo, following Friday's ceremony in Madrid, where 68 young scientists received their "la Caixa" doctoral fellowships.

Since the end of 2016, this 25-year old Madrid native has been working towards his PhD degree in the Translational Control of Cell Cycle and Differentiation lab led by ICREA researcher Raúl Méndez. Marcos is studying protein synthesis in several types of tumours.

"I was considering going abroad, but this fellowship was a good incentive to stay," affirms Marcos in the article.

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