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Choose your own SCIENTIFIC adventure!

"Choose your own SCIENTIFIC adventure" is a gamified activity aimed at students in the last years of secondary school (especially 4th ESO and also Baccalaureate) to convey how biomedical research is done. Moving beyond the classical concepts of the school curriculum, we delve into the most procedural and epistemological part of research: how scientists acquire new knowledge, what questions they ask, how they answer them, what limiting factors they encounter, etc.


At IRB Barcelona we are convinced that introducing scientific methodology and thinking during formal education can greatly contribute to building a more critical and informed citizenry, regardless of whether students are heading towards a scientific profession.

Although this activity is designed for students in the last year of secondary school (4th ESO), the methodology used could be applied to any other course by slightly adapting the content.

The following materials* are available to teachers to carry out the activity in the classroom:

  1. Teaching guide
  2. Slides for the teacher
  3. Posters for the groups
  4. Activity guide
  5. Game board
  6. Time and money cards
  7. Envelopes information for the game
  8. Scientific article model
  9. Questions to obtain funding
  10. Individual reflection model
  11. Food for thought

The documents can be downloaded upon completion of the form below.

* NOTE: The material is currently available only in Catalan. We hope to have the Spanish and English versions soon.

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