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Dr. Eduard Batlle receives the Catalan National Research Award

IRB Barcelona and ICREA have been awarded the National Innovation Prize for the creation of Nuage Therapeutics.

Science of excellence against metastatic cancer

IRB Barcelona receives €2 million from the Spanish Association Against Cancer to tackle metastasis, the main cause of death in cancer patients.

Artist in Residence Programme 2024

The call to participate in the Artist in Residence Programme 2024 is already open

The 2024 International PhD Programme is now open
Deadline for candidacies: 5 January 2024
Beating cancer is a Mission: Possible!

Discover the new campaign starring IRB Barcelona researchers.

Upcoming Events

IRB Barcelona BioMed Conferences

The cancer research community is on the verge of a major leap in our understanding of the factors that contribute to human cancer risk. While it is clear that…

Other Events

February 29 is Rare Disease Day and we have organized the event on the occasion, to highlight how