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The AECC Excellence Program: Metastasis

The Spanish Association Against Cancer and IRB Barcelona maintain a pioneering collaboration to address one of the most pressing challenges in cancer research: metastasis. The AECC Excellence Program: Metastasis, endowed with 2 million euros and with a planned duration of 4 years, will tackle metastasis through a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on generating knowledge and applying it to the development of innovative prognostic and therapeutic strategies.

The laboratories led by Dr. Eduard Batlle, Dr. Núria López-Bigas, Dr. Fran SupekDr. Salvador Aznar Benitah, Dr. Roger Gomis, Dr. Direna Alonso-Curbelo, Dr. Alejo Rodríguez Fraticelli, Dr. Ángel Nebreda, Dr. Cristina Mayor-Ruiz and Dr. Antoni Riera are part of the programme.