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Get tax relief on your donations

With the amendment of the new Patronage Law that came into effect on 1 January 2024, tax incentives for donations have increased significantly. Therefore, something as vital as donations towards cancer research will have a minimal cost for you.

In addition to these new tax incentives that apply nationwide, individuals residing in Catalonia can get an additional 30% tax relief if their donation is for research centres promoted or participated in by the Generalitat, as is the case of IRB Barcelona. This additional deduction applies to the regional portion of the income tax return and cannot exceed 10% of the full regional quota.

How much tax relief do you get if you donate to IRB Barcelona and reside in Catalonia


For the first €250

Desgrava el 100% dels primers 250€ dels teves donacions

From €250

Desgrava el 70% de l'import que excedeix dels 250€ en les teves donacions

If this is the 3rd year

Desgrava el 75% de les teves donacions sobre l'import que excedeix dels 250€ a partir del tercer any

You get 100% tax relief on the first €250 donated

For the first €250 you donate during the year, you will get 100% tax relief. The Tax Office will refund €250 in your next income tax return. You will be helping at no cost to yourself!

For donations exceeding €250, the Tax Office will apply 70% tax relief

For donations exceeding €250, you will get 70% tax relief on the amount above €250.

As an example, if you accumulate €500 of donations over the year, your next income tax return will refund €425 (100% of the first €250 and 70% of the amount exceeding €250). The real cost of your donation will only be 75€!

The following table shows the breakdown of tax relief for the donations in the previous example:


Amount donated

Tax relief

Refund from Tax Office

First €250



From €250 to €500



Total tax relief: 



5% more tax relief if you donate continuously for three years or longer.

From the third year onwards, if you continue to donate an amount equal to or greater than the previous year to the same organisation, tax relief increases to 75% on the amount exceeding €250.

The following table shows how tax relief is broken down for an annual donation of €500 for three or more consecutive years:


Amount donated

Tax relief

Refund from Tax Office

Primeros €250



De €250 a €500



Total tax relief: 



What tax relief do you get if you do not reside in Catalonia?

If this is your situation, then you get 80% tax relief for the first €250 donated and 40% for the amount exceeding €250. From the third year onwards, tax relief increases to 45% on the amount exceeding €250.



Donar para la investigación contra el cáncer tiene desgravaciones fiscales

Make your donation to accelerate cancer research

Now that you know that donating to research will cost you very little, we encourage you to make a donation of €250. Your support will allow us to:

  • Recruit more researchers.
  • Purchase the most advanced technology.
  • Lead new research projects.
  • Open new laboratories.

All of these actions will help accelerate our research into cancer and metastasis, bringing us closer to finding a cure for this disease. Make your donation now using the form below!