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Tuning the Cell’s Antenna: Protein Targeting to Primary Cilia [IRB Research Nodes Seminar]

7 Jun 23

Speaker: Dr. Francesc R. Garcia-Gonzalo

Group Leader -  Biochemistry Department-UAM School of Medicine, Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), Spain




Host: Dr. Jens Lüders, Group Leader - Microtubule organization in cell proliferation and differentiation - IRB Barcelona 

Node: Cell Pathophysiology / Preclinical Models of Disease

Date: Wednesday 7 June 2023, 12.00h

Place: Auditorium Room


IMPORTANT: For attendees outside the PCB community you must register at least 24h before the seminar.



Primary cilia are microtubule protrusions of the plasma membrane that function as cell type-specific antennae in many of our tissues. These antennae must be tuned in order to perform their key signaling functions. Such tuning involves the correct ciliary targeting of proteins implicated in ciliary signaling. In this talk, we will focus on the ciliary targeting of INPP5E, a phosphoinositide phosphatase that controls ciliary composition and function, and whose mutations cause diseases known as ciliopathies.









Registration required only for attendees outside the PCB community at least 24hours before the seminar.

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