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IRB Barcelona launches Fuck Cancer, a call to build public awareness and to raise funds for cancer research

Fuck Cancer, the campaign

Using the slogan Fuck Cancer, IRB Barcelona launches a campaign to raise public awareness about the brutal impact that cancer continues to have on millions of people and to remind everyone that biomedical research is the only realistic way to end this disease.
The slogan Fuck Cancer is inspired by the cry that many individual patients let out against this disease. Our goal is to amplify these cries and make them public.
This campaign calls for the collective mobilisation of resources to speed up the different lines of research underway at IRB Barcelona since 2005 aimed at understanding and bringing an end to metastasis, the cellular process by which the tumour spreads to other organs in the body. Metastasis currently causes 9 out of 10 cancer-related deaths.


>> Read and sign our manifesto <<

Fuck Cancer, sign the manifesto

The most direct way to support the campaign is by signing the Fuck Cancer Manifesto.
Through this document, IRB Barcelona reminds society at large that, despite significant breakthroughs in recent decades, research has never had enough funding or support from political spheres or the media to tackle a scientific challenge of such complexity and magnitude.
The manifesto casts aside the idea that nothing can be done to change this situation and encourages members of the general public to take action.



Manifesto Screenshot






Fuck Cancer, what else can I do? Support research!

The only way to beat cancer is by accelerating biomedical research.

This is why IRB Barcelona encourages you to join the Metastasis Challenge, an initiative launched in 2019 that calls upon people and institutions to support the fight against metastasis by making donations.
The more funding available for biomedical research, the faster we as a society will move towards the end of this devastating pandemic.

Fuck Cancer, the TV campaign

The campaign is supported by a TV spot that, in only 20 seconds, shows the transformation of a real cancer patient, Leo Anglès. After undergoing a mastectomy, Leo decides to yell at her cancer and take action. If you still haven’t had the chance to see the ad, you can watch it by clicking on the button below.


Watch the video