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The ICREA  researcher and head of Colorectal Cancer Lab.
The ICREA researcher and head of Colorectal Cancer Lab.

La Razón has published an article about a study addressing the involvement of fibroblasts in colon cancer being carried out by "La Caixa" and the Colorectal Cancer Lab, headed by Eduard Batlle, ICREA researcher at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) and a CIBERONC member. 

Colon cancer is one of the most frequent types of cancer, and although treatment cures this disease for most patients, a large percentage develop metastases in vital organs.  In this regard, immunotherapy is not effective for this kind of cancer, benefiting only 5% of patients. This is because the colon cancer cells develop a mechanism through which to evade the immune system. “Understanding the communication between cancer cells and fibroblasts, on the one hand, and between fibroblasts and the immune system, on the other, would allow us to identify those patients at risk of developing metastasis and to work with efficient therapies,” says Batlle.

Link to: La Razón