Eduard Batlle awarded the Lilly Foundation's 2016 Biomedical Research Award

The IRB Barcelona group leader and ICREA Professor has been recognized in the category of preclinical research for his contributions to the understanding of colon cancer.

Since 2002, these awards have recognized excellence in biomedical research in Spain.

The Lilly Foundation has announced today the 2016 Biomedical Research Awards granted to Eduard Batlle and Luis Alberto Moreno Aznar, in the categories of preclinical and clinical research, respectively. These awards, which this year celebrate their 15th edition, recognize the scientific excellence of researchers in Spain who contribute to the development of  biomedicine and health sciences.

ICREA professor at IRB Barcelona, Eduard Batlle, coordinator of the Oncology Programme and group leader of the Colorectal Cancer Laboratory, has been honoured for his scientific contributions to understanding the relationship between colon cancer and intestinal stem cells, and the metastatic stages of the disease. His work has led to the understanding of the origin of colon cancer and may have important applications in regenerative medicine and in the treatment of patients with colorectal cancer.

His group, international leaders in this field, described part of the process behind the formation of metastases in this type of cancer, and in particular the role of the tumour environment, called tumour stroma, during the tumour's colonization of other organs. "Dr. Batlle's contributions are outstanding, in quality, visibility and impact," stressed Dr. Jose Antonio Sacristan, director of the Lilly Foundation, while highlighting "his efforts to use the results in pre-clinical research to improve the clinical management of the illness".

Professor Luis Alberto Moreno Aznar, professor at the University of Zaragoza, has received the award  in the category of clinical research for his contribution to the knowledge of the causes of childhood obesity and the design of strategies for prevention and control.

The Lilly Foundation's Biomedical Research Awards are among the most significant in their field, due to the prestige of the recipients of the awards over the 15 editions. A total of 30 Spanish scientists have been recognized for their contributions to the advancement of basic and applied knowledge.

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