ERC Proof of Concept to Angel R. Nebreda

The European Research Council awards 45 scientists with grants to commercialize their research results

The grant, worth up to €150,000, cover costs of activities to verify the innovation potential of Nebreda’s ERC Advanced Grant-funded project

Nebreda will study new breast cancer therapies


ICREA Research professor, Angel R. Nebreda, group leader of the Signalling and Cell Cycle Laboratory at IRB Barcelona, has been awarded an ERC Proof of Concept grant, announced the European Research Council (ERC) yesterday. The grant comes with €150,000 for 18 months and will cover costs of activities to verify the innovation potential of an ERC Advanded Grant-funded project,  called “P38 Cancer”, given  to Nebreda in 2011.

Nebreda’s Proof of Concept grant is entitled “P38 Cure”, and it aims to investigaate new breast cancer therapies based on available p38 MAPK inhibitors. “Our lab results support a potential therapeutic use for p38 MAPK inhibitors in combination with chemotherapy drugs”, says Nebreda.

The researchers will use patient-derived samples of specific breast cancer subtypes for preclinical validation of a new drug combination therapy with potential benefit to patients. “This is a straightforward project with potentially tremendous socioeconomic benefits”, explains Nebreda.

The total budget of the 2015 Proof of Concept competition is € 20 million, of which €6.7 million is earmarked for this first round. 6 researchers working in Spain -5 of them in centres in Catalonia- have received an ERC PoC support.

Link to ERC press release and list of 45 winners