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<p>Programme "La Ciutat", Onda Cero</p>
11 Jun 2018 - Onda Cero

"La Ciutat", a radio programme of Onda Cero has interviewed Muriel Arimon, Public Engagement and Science Education Officer at IRB Barcelona, and representatives from Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera to talk about the Tàndem programme with the Montserrat School of Cornellà de Llobregat School.

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<p>Image: La Marato</p>
6 Jun 2018 - El Punt AVUI

El Punt Avui, La Razón, El Periódico, El Economista, among other media, have published an article about the research that was financed with the 12 million euros collected in TV3’s 2012 Marató (telethon) dedicated to cancer. La Marató has highlighted, among others, two IRB Barcelona projects that were awarded funding. On the one hand, Núria López-Bigas developed the "Cancer Genome Interpreter", a platform that allows better selection of treatments for cancer and the prediction of patient response. And on the other, Salvador Aznar Benitah led a project addressing metastasis and its relation to the consumption of dietary fat.

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<p>Cancer Geneme Interpreter (CGI). Image: Núria López-Bigas</p>
5 Jun 2018 - El Diario Médico

Diario Médico has published an article on the "Cancer Geneme Interpreter" (CGI) that includes statements by Nuria López-Bigas, head of the Biomedical Genomics Lab at IRB Barcelona. The CGI is an open platform on the Internet that automates the interpretation of genomic alterations in specific tumours, reporting their relationship with tumour onset. This platform has been developed by researchers from IRB Barcelona and the Vall d'Hebrón Institute of Oncology.

<p>Image: EFE</p>
4 Jun 2018 - Agencia EFE

EFE has published an article on the “BIO International Convention”, one of the main fairs organised by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and that takes place in Boston from today until Thursday, 7 June. In this event, special emphasis will be given to topics such as fundraising and new gene therapies, among others. IRB Barcelona, represented its Innovation Department is one of the institutions participating in this event.

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<p>Núria López-Bigas will lead the "Biomedical Genomics" laboratory (M Minocri, IRB Barcelona)</p>
4 Jun 2018 - Regió7

The newspaper Regió7 has interviewed Nuria López-Bigas, head of the Biomedical Genomics Lab at IRB Barcelona, about her work in computational biology. In this interview, she talks about how she reads millions of DNA data from cancer tumours to establish guidelines to explain the behaviour of diseased cells and identify strategies through which to cure them.


<p>Eduard Batlle, head of the Colorectal Cancer laboratory at IRB Barcelona</p>
31 May 2018 - Heraldo

The Heraldo newspaper has published an article about the role of immunotherapy to rearm patients’ defences and contribute to the fight against cancer. In the article, the authors mention the work of Eduard Batlle, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona, on the effectiveness that enhances immune system function in colon cancer.

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<p>Group Leader Angel R. Nebreda and PhD student Begoña Cánovas at the Signalling and Cell Cycle Laboratory (M. Minocri, IRB Barcelona)</p>
30 May 2018 -

La Voz de Galicia, TV3, 8TV, among other media, have interviewed Begoña Cánovas, the first author of a recent study led by IRB Barcelona and published in the journal Cancer Cell. The study identifies the key role of p38 in safeguarding tumour cells against the excessive accumulation of DNA damage, which would otherwise cause cell death.

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<p>Image of breast cancer cells derived from a mouse mammary tumour (in blue: nucleus, in green: tubulin) Author: Begoña Cánovas, IRB Barcelona</p>
29 May 2018 -

El País, Ara, La Razón, El Economista, Medical Xpress, News-Medical, among other national and international media, have published an article about recent research led by IRB Barcelona, which reveals a new protective mechanism for tumour cells in breast cancer and identifies novel therapeutic targets to treat this disease.

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<p>Image: 1203 Restaurant</p>
23 May 2018 - Segre

The Segre newspaper has published an article on the 11th "Vi per Vida" wine-tasting event, held last Sunday in Llelida. The 1000 raised through this initiative will be donated to cancer and metastasis research at IRB Barcelona.

<p>Joan J. Guinovart, IRB Barcelona</p>
16 May 2018 -

The programme "La Noche de Cope" interviewed Joan J. Guinovart about the bequest of 1.5 million euros donated to IRB Barcelona and that will be devoted to strengthening research into cancer and metastasis.

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