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<p>Image: Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera</p>
16 Jan 2018 -

The newspaper La Vanguardia has published an article about the start of the "Crazy About Science" Programme, an initiative that’s seeks to stir young students’ interest in science that is run by the Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera. In addition, the article mentions IRB Barcelona as one of the centres that participates in this activity through its "Crazy About Biomedicine" Programme.

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<p>Image: El Punt Avui</p>
16 Jan 2018 -

The newspaper El Punt Avui has published an article of the latest report from the magazine "Nature" about the best science cities, Barcelona figuring among them. Furthermore, it makes reference to the institutes, including IRB Barcelona, that stand out in the Catalan capital.

<p>Salvador Aznar Benitah, head of the IRB Barcelona group "Stem Cells and Cancer". (Photo: Battista-Minocri, IRB)</p>
9 Jan 2018 - Ara

ARA newspaper has published an article about the topics that are likely to have greatest relevance in the field of science during 2018. The article includes a quote from Salvador Aznar, group leader of the Stem Cell and Cancer Laboratory at IRB Barcelona, who says that there will be advances in approaches to stimulate the immune system to fight against the development of tumors.

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<p>Manuel Serrano, group leader of the Cellular Plasticity and Disease laboratory at IRB Barcelona.</p>
22 Dec 2017 - Diario Médico & other media

La Vanguardia, La Razón, Diario Médico, among other media, have highlighted the recognition given to Manuel Serrano, ICREA Research professor and group leader of the Cellular Plasticity and Disease Lab at IRB Barcelona, for his work "Tissue damage and senescence provide critical signals for reprogramming cellular in vivo". He has been distinguished with the Severo Ochoa Prize for Biomedial Research. It is a project financed by CaixaImpulse, a program of "la Caixa" Bank Foundation and Caixa Capital Risc.

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<p>Gonzalo Fernández-Miranda, Project Leader and associate researcher with the Translational Control of Cell Cycle and Differentiation Lab. Image: CaixaImpulse.</p>
22 Dec 2017 - El Plural

El Plural has published an article on the project being undertaken by Gonzalo Fernández-Miranda, an associate researcher at IRB Barcelona. The project seeks to develop a better treatment for cancer of the head and neck by means of an immunotherapeutic approach, which has been validated with proof of concept tests at the genetic level.

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21 Dec 2017 - Diario de León

Diario de León has published an article about the award (Imagen Positiva de la Juventud de Castilla y León) given to Celia Santos (León, 1991), a PhD student in the Development and Growth Control Laboratory at IRB Barcelona for the project “Noies al Lab” (Girls to the lab), which aims to promote scientific vocation among girls. 

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<p>Xavier Salvatella (Photo: Battista/MinocriIRB Barcelona)</p>
12 Dec 2017 - La CCMA y otros medios

The Catalan Media Corporation, La Razón and have highlighted a study conducted by Xavier Salvatella, ICREA researcher at IRB Barcelona, and published in the journal Structure early in December. In this work, he proposes various ways to tackle prostate cancer and focuses on the androgen receptor protein, which tumour cells need to survive and proliferate. 

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<p>Anna Rierola believes that scientific discoveries have always had a profound impact on art.</p>
10 Dec 2017 - La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia has dedicated an article to the exhibition of the mural Bosc ancestral, by Anna Rierola—resident artist at IRB Barcelona—at the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC). The project combines art with science and is a guarantee, according to Anna, of the extraordinary concentration of talent in the city.

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<p>In the picture, Núria López-Bigas and the team that published the study in Nature Genetics</p>
29 Nov 2017 - Nature Genetics

The scientific journal Nature Genetics has dedicated a "News and Views" article to the latest study by the ICREA researcher Núria López-Bigas, published in November. The article analyses the results according to which the mechanisms of DNA repair are more efficient in the region of the genes that contains the information necessary to produce proteins.

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29 Nov 2017 - CORDIS

The Community Research and Development Information Service of the European Union (CORDIS) has echoed the SimDNA project conducted by Modesto Orozco and funded through an ERC Advanced Grant. The project has developed multiscale DNA simulation technologies to understand in detail the mechanisms that control gene expression.

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