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The international ENABLE conferences get the green light for another four years



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Organised so far by PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at IRB Barcelona, RIMLS, CPR and SEMM, the ENABLE conferences will be funded by FEBS and IUBMB, which guarantee the continuity of future gatherings.

The 2022, 2023 and 2025 conferences will be held in Europe while the 2024 event will be held outside Europe.

The ENABLE international conferences, which have been held annually since 2017, are scientific gatherings organised by and for young researchers that seek to ensure the next generation of scientific leaders.

Initially funded by the European Commission's Horizon2020 programme, the first four conferences were held in the cities hosting the headquarters of the four entities leading the project: the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) in Barcelona, Spain; the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences  (RIMLS) in Nijmegen, The Netherlands; The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research  (CPR) in Copenhagen, Denmark; and the  Scuola Europea di Medicina Molecolare  (SEMM), in  Milan, Italy.

For the next four FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE events (2022-2025), the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) and the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB), which have sponsored the conferences since 2017, have signed an agreement by which they will fund the organisation of the gatherings, thus guaranteeing their continuity.

"ENABLE conferences are a unique opportunity to experience science in a different way. By combining top-notch scientific discussions with career development and public outreach activities, ENABLE empowers young researchers to become the biomedical professionals of tomorrow, " says Gianmarco Di Mauro, organiser of the 1st ENABLE conference (Barcelona 2017).


Associated research centres and intercontinental rotation

In this new cycle of FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE conferences, in addition to the four core research centres, other international research institutions can apply to become associated centres and host one of the events. Regarding the associated centres, FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE will look for one in a non-European country to ensure that one of the conferences is held on another continent.

ENABLE (now FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE) conferences are international and interdisciplinary meetings involving audiences from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and generations. The incorporation of associated research centres allows further enrichment of the FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE conference programmes and provides greater added value, both for the PhD students participating in the Organising Committee and those attending the events.


The essence of FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE conferences

The FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE conferences are organised by a Scientific Committee composed of young researchers (PhD and postdoctoral students) from several European institutions and members from FEBS and the IUBMB Young Scientists Forum (YSF).

The annual ENABLE conference includes a scientific symposium, addressing current issues in molecular life sciences, and a series of activities focused on providing guidance on employment opportunities. FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE also seeks to engage the general public through outreach events.


Learn more about the ENABLE conferences:


About IRB Barcelona

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